Thursday 28 May 2020

The Covenant

A covenant with Death is not always a good deal. Four greedy nobles requested her that one of them be the next heir to the Crown. But an agreement has two parts, what you get and what you give, and in exchange, the Grim Reaper demanded the soul of one of them. She will take her prize by a murderer among them. 

One of the people they have offended, hurt, or ruined will take revenge guided by Death, shedding the blood of one of the nobles. They have listed this people: 28 suspects. Tonight everything will be revealed.
Take much care about who lives close to you, or your life could be payment of this Covenant. 

 In The Covenant you take the role of one of four greedy nobles. Your goal is to avoid having the murderer sent by Death ending up in your district, all while becoming the player with the most points in order to be proclaimed the new heir to the Crown. For that, you play the character cards from your hand into your district, take advantage of their abilities and expel any character that seems suspicious. You can make inquests in the city to discover who is innocent. 


The Covenant


Nº of players: 2 - 7

Playing Time: 20 - 30´

Ages: 10+



  • 30 citizen cards
  • 30 suspects cards
  • 14 ally/reference cards
  • 1 carriage token
  • 5 family chips
  • 1 rulebook



Design by Oscar Arévalo
Art by Victor P. Corbella



Gen X Games, 2016


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