Tuesday 11 August 2020
What if the Spaniards had assaulted Palace Grimaldi and taken Murat prisoner? What if the King’s Dragoons had made it out of their quarters? Or if the French had not used their artillery? Would their principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity had been regarded as better? This…
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The Game Dos de Mayo is a historical simulation of the events of May 2nd, 1808. On this day, civilians in Madrid—and a few Spanish army units—rebelled against the French occupation troops of Napoleon. Dos de Mayo is a game for two players. One player controls the…
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The prisoners of Stalag 17 have only one thing in mind: escape. With a good plan, the necessary tools and an excellent knowledge of the area you will be able to get out of there. But beware; inmates from other countries are also trying to escape and…
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New prisioners hace arrived at Stalag 18. They will help with the player´s scape plans, providing a better chance of succes. Stalag 18 includes new actions and specialized prisioners whose skill permit the players easier combinations to escape. Now, players can be informers for the guards! Moreover!…
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Stalag 17


Nº of players: 2 - 5

Playing Time: 20 minutos

Ages: 10+



  • 8 Object cards: Clothes
  • 8 Object cards: Food
  • 8 Object cards: Documents
  • 8 Object cards: Tool
  • 8 Object cards: Map
  • 10 double objects cards
  • 26 Runaway route cards
  • 4 Barracks cards4 Information cards
  • 5 Object dices
  • 1 Runaway dice with 6 faces
  • 40 Surveillance tokens
  • 15 Prisioners tokens (3 tokens for each country)



Design by Oscar Arévalo
Art by Sergi Marcet



Gen X Games, 2012


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