Saturday 23 November 2019

Pacific Rim: Extinction

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 12:49
Jaegers y Kaiju luchan en épicas batallas por la supervivencia. ¿Qué bando escoges? En Pacific Rim: Extinction, dos o más jugadores representan el rol de la Pan Pacific Defense Corps (Cuerpo defensivo de Pácifico) y su armada de gigantescos Jaegers mecánicos; o el bando de los invasores…
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Trappist One

Thursday, 13 September 2018 13:02
During the 22nd century, the solar system of Trappist One has become the second home of human civilization. Players will take on the role of leaders of Earth's mega-corporations, which are hybrids of old mega-companies and states. Your goal in the game is to dominate the different…
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Trappist One


Nº of players: 2 - 4

Playing Time: 45 - 60´

Ages: 12+



  • 50 gemS

  • 170 carDS

  • 4 help cards

  • 4  Trappist One´s boards



Design by Oscar Arévalo
Art by Victor P. Corbella
Graphic Design by WAH! Studio



Gen X Games, 2018


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