Thursday 28 May 2020

The Possession

An evil force is aft er you. It wants to possess you all and it compels you to attack each other. Maybe this is because that old book. Surely the only way to stop this madness is to find those
pages. Will you get it before it kills you, before it swallows your soul?

Trust no one!

To read the Necronomicon it is the biggest mistake you ever did. A terrible evilness is unleashed and it is after you, possessing you all. You must find the cursed book and burn its pages to save yourself or, if your soul is too weak to resist this evilness, do not let anybody alive!


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The Possession


Nº of players: 3 - 5

Playing Time: 45´

Age: 12+


  • 13 House’s rooms
  • 5 Player sheets
  • 45 Search, Event and Necronomicon page cards
  • 30 Branch, door and key’s chips
  • 10 Player and possessed player miniatures
  • 50 Trophy and Amputated member chips
  • 4 Action and possession dice
  • 8 Attic and Basement cards
  • 25 Action cubes
  • 25 Action chips
  • 5 Life’s marker



Design by Oscar Arévalo
Art by Victor Corbella



Gen X Games, 2014


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