Tuesday 11 August 2020
As the deep crisis caused by the closure of FinancialBrains and its affiliates announced an inevitable worldwide recession, The Megacorporarations set their sights on the solar System to escape the goverment financial control and minimize losses. The Mutant Liberation Front (FLM) has intensified their violents actions to…
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As the war intensifies the corporations are looking beyond our planet to gather allies and resources for their plans for domination. Its most obvious targets are the Moon and Ceres, where recently found Golden Cavorita deposits of extraordinary quality have created the “Cavor Fever” in all kinds…
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MECANISBURGO is the largest Megalopolis of the Western world. It is the capital city of La Union, the Europe of a parallel world where predictions of classic Science Fiction for the twentyfirst century have been successful: Robots, Cyborgs, Humans and Artificial Intelligences live in a world where…
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Target: Earth , in its basic mode is a cooperative game where 1-4 players, will form the human Alliance that will fight to reject the alien invasion. The game is played in up to 7 turns, divided in nine phases each, which are detailed below. Battlefield is…
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Air show is a game about the creation and management of collections and museums of historic aircraft, which are kept in perfect flying condition for display to the public and reliving the history of aviation. The aircraft represented in the game are all real and they are…
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Target Earth


Nº of players: 2 - 4

Paying time: 40 minutos

Age: 10+


  • Overall Score
  • UFO Missions Board
  • Markers of Technology
  • 46 Letters UFO
  • 38 target cards
  • 4 Letters Allied Base
  • 4 Letters Faction
  • Objectives
  • 6 Letters Secrets
  • 46 Card Alliance
  • 88 modules Tiles
  • 80 sheets Allied
  • 16 sheets alien
  • 30 sheets of money
  • 30 Countries Sheets (30)
  • 20 sheets of PV
  • 4 Sheets Diplomatic
  • 14 sheets for markers
  • Rulebook
  • 6 Dice



Design by Jacobo Cagigal
Art by Sergi Marcet



Gen X Games, 2010


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