Monday 6 July 2020
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At last the "ministerians" will be able to live their own experiences as agents of the Ministry of Time in their own homes. In El Ministerio del Tiempo, each player…
Dude, there are LOTS of dimensional gates all around the park! This is full of freaking monsters... and it's dirtier than ever! You should stop playing videogames and start to…
Get more cards, more tiles and more actions! In this stand-alone expansion of Rick and Morty: 100 Días, our two favourite characters have to travel through even more troublesome dimensions…
Aliens: Hadley's Hope is a game set in the Alien universe based on the 1979 science fiction horror film. Players form a cooperative team and try to save colonists from…
Wubba lubba dub dub... In Rick and Morty: 100 Días, the goal is to have more points than anyone else when the game ends. These points will be achieved mainly…
Get ready for the next sacred competition! As a predator, you have to prove that you are the best hunter of your clan by getting the most trophies, but you…
In 1989, El Patrón declared total war against the government of Colombia, as well as the police and the army. He controls more than 80% of drug trafficking worldwide. His…
During the 22nd century, the solar system of Trappist One has become the second home of human civilization. Players will take on the role of leaders of Earth's mega-corporations, which…
Neither frog legs nor goat's feet. Our witches are vegetarian and real! Legend says that in a lagoon of Cernégula, a town in Burgos, a coven of witches had their…
As the deep crisis caused by the closure of FinancialBrains and its affiliates announced an inevitable worldwide recession, The Megacorporarations set their sights on the solar System to escape the…

Target Earth


Nº of players: 2 - 4

Paying time: 40 minutos

Age: 10+


  • Overall Score
  • UFO Missions Board
  • Markers of Technology
  • 46 Letters UFO
  • 38 target cards
  • 4 Letters Allied Base
  • 4 Letters Faction
  • Objectives
  • 6 Letters Secrets
  • 46 Card Alliance
  • 88 modules Tiles
  • 80 sheets Allied
  • 16 sheets alien
  • 30 sheets of money
  • 30 Countries Sheets (30)
  • 20 sheets of PV
  • 4 Sheets Diplomatic
  • 14 sheets for markers
  • Rulebook
  • 6 Dice



Design by Jacobo Cagigal
Art by Sergi Marcet



Gen X Games, 2010


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