Tuesday 7 April 2020

Target Earth

Target: Earth , in its basic mode is a cooperative game where 1-4 players, will form the human Alliance that will fight to reject the alien invasion.

The game is played in up to 7 turns, divided in nine phases each, which are detailed below.

Battlefield is the Earth, that it is represented by the Global Board. This board represents the status of the 30 most economically powerful countries of the Earth. The allied countries, will bring money to the Alliance, and victory points. The countries aligned with the alien side will bring victory points to the invader. The difference between both sides victory points will determine the victory of one side or the other at the end of the game.

Each player, represents an Alliance faction and manage one of their bases and its associated resources (money, units and cards).  Between all players must deal with the alien offensive with their units at the same time that strengthens the Alliance by getting to join new countries through diplomacy. To be able to contain the offensive and last extreme beating the invader, they must also investigate new technologies, which are represented by the Technology Level track on the main board.


In this game mode, if the Alliance achieves victory, all players will have won, otherwise, everyone will have lost.

Target Earth


Nº of players: 2 - 4

Paying time: 40 minutos

Age: 10+


  • Overall Score
  • UFO Missions Board
  • Markers of Technology
  • 46 Letters UFO
  • 38 target cards
  • 4 Letters Allied Base
  • 4 Letters Faction
  • Objectives
  • 6 Letters Secrets
  • 46 Card Alliance
  • 88 modules Tiles
  • 80 sheets Allied
  • 16 sheets alien
  • 30 sheets of money
  • 30 Countries Sheets (30)
  • 20 sheets of PV
  • 4 Sheets Diplomatic
  • 14 sheets for markers
  • Rulebook
  • 6 Dice



Design by Jacobo Cagigal
Art by Sergi Marcet



Gen X Games, 2010


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