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Seven Swords

Year after year a group of bandits terrorizes and robs a poor village. The hungry villagers have nothing to do. But this situation is over! The villagers found 7 brave samurais. They will defend the village and throw the bandits out forever… or not…

Be in the feet of those courageous samurais o become a perfidious bandit leader. Defend or rob the village. Stand with honor or evilness.

Command your samurais; ask for help to the terrified villagers and don't let your warriors get exhausted or they will be at the mercy of the bandits; use the hidden bows to bring down the invaders.

Or… find the way through the palisades; discover and kill the villagers; wait your moment to do away with the cocky samurais; steal all the supplies and run away; leave the village going up in flames.


In Seven Swords each game is different. Both players have their own rules so tactics are diverse and innumerable. Face the challenge to defend the village… or destroy it!”