Thursday 28 May 2020

Northwest Passage Adventure

The Northwest Passage is a sea route linking Canada and the North Pole, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The objective of this attractive game of strategy and risk based on a historical adventure is simple: Be the first to discover the Northwest Passage with your boat and some boldness. Traces the most favorable route as the scenario unfolds and new obstacles occur before the explorers. With a limited view it is essential to carefully control your action points and maneuvers available, not to mention the special abilities of your captain.

The player who reaches the line 24 the board first wins.

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Northwest Passage Adventure


Nº of players: 2 - 4

Playing Time: 40 minutos

Age: 10+


  • 75 scenario tiles
  • 20 scenario-specific tiles
  • 112 advance tokens
  • 60 treasure cards
  • 14 character cards



Design by Diego Martín de las Pueblas Encinas, Jaime Vega Romera and Victor Rojo Arias



Gen X Games, 2012


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