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Full Moon

FULL MOON is a game for 2 to 7 players with an estimated duration of 90 to 150 minutes per game.

There are two sides: Humans andWerewolves.At the beginning of the game one player controls the family-pack of Lycanthropes that lives in the valley of Aguirre’s forest, a lonely, nearly unexplored natural site. His objective is to infect a few humans to increase his pack; to do this he has to delay the humans until night when his family will turn to its lupine form.

The rest of the players represent human hikers.They have arrived searching for new emotions... and have found more than what they wished for.

The game begins the morning after the first night spent in Aguirre’s Forest.The hikers wake up and discover that one of the camp tents has been razed at dawn and its two occupants have disappeared leaving a trail of blood and shredded objects. Sadly the two occupants were the only ones who knew the surroundings and had the map of the site, bought days before in an antique shop. Human players must follow the trail left by the attacking pack to its lair, free the hostages, retrieve the map and leave the forest before the night turns the crazy inhabitants of the forest into something more frightening.

The goals of the game are for the humans: At least one of them has to leave the forest.They must track their disappeared companions, discover the lair of the pack, and find the exit of the forest recovering the map.

For the werewolves: The pack needs new blood and therefore it is not enough to attack and devour the unwary who are entering their forest.Their goal is to turn at least one member of the group of hikers into one of their kind, and leave no human survivors to tell about it.


The problem is nobody knows if bitten characters are infected or not until night comes and Full Moon acts upon them.And if they die before the virus takes effect, they do not get converted...

Full Moon


Nº of players: 2 - 7

Playing Time: 90 minutos

Ages: 14+


  • 105 Cards
  • 44 Forest HexagonsTiles:
  • 1 Cloth Bag
  • 6 six sided dice
  • 8 Human Character sheets
  • 6 Werewolf Character sheets
  • 8 Human Character markers
  • 6 Werewolf Character markers
  • INFECTION tokens
  • CALM tokens
  • LIFE tokens
  • PLANNING point (PP) tokens
  • 1 Invocation pile token
  • 1Tree Barrier token
  • 1 Day and Night sequence card
  • 1Turn marker
  • 1 AguirreWood map pad
  • 1 Pencil
  • 1 Rulebook



Design by Servando Carballar
Art by Juan García



Gen X Games, 2009


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